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Jonet Wheeler


In Your Hands:
A Spiritual Guide to Unleash the Power in Your Hands 

Our hands are critical and play an enormous role in our lives and faith. We use our hands to protect, control, take hold, communicate, comfort, heal, bless, curse, build, and destroy. Our hands confer authority and power, the power of God. The power is in our hands to initiate and build an intimate relationship with God and to give God permission to work in our lives. The power is in your hands to believe! 

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Praise & Reviews

“Real Life Events”

‘In Your Hands’ is for everybody with hands!”  -Wendel Dandridge Author of The 90 Day 90 Second Challenge

'Gripping story telling.' 

“High Powered I AM Declarations”

Jonet's voice tells the story of faith and a believer "Minister Joycene Frye".

Thought provoking! 

"100 Spiritual Devotions"

'Untapped Bible Scriptures'


'Scriptures for further study.'

'Prayers and Prompts from the Holy Spirit'

jonet wheeler

About Author 

Jonet Wheeler is a God fearing, purpose driven, servant, truth seeker, believer, and the author of "In Your Hands". After being expelled from a High School Christian academy for her lifestyle choices, Jonet strayed away from God, went on to get her GED, and to start her own delivery business. She has dedicated 15 years of service in the transportation industry, while escaping childhood traumas, low self-esteem, sexual dysfunction, divorce, homelessness, mental illness and the many unpredictable challenges of life. It is by the power of God, Jonet has been able to see light in the tunnel, stop running on empty, pull over, and allow Jesus to take the wheel and control of her life. Jonet is now driven to testify and serve in the wilderness, to bring believers and unbelievers alike into the awareness of Kingdom authority and the power of God, that lies in our hands. May you unleash your power!

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